NEW! Foster Home Program

NEW! Foster Home Program

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Join our Foster Home Program, where we help cats and dogs (and occasionally other animals) who need time and TLC with humans in order to become adopted.  Many cats we help have been living outdoors for some time and need help to become re-integrated within a household.  Because they were stray for so long, many of the cats would not do well in a shelter in a cage and would not be accepted by shelters as long-term strays are so fearful.

If you have the extra love and can give some one-on-one, we have plenty of animals who could benefit from being fostered.

To become a foster caretaker, please call VVSA at (802) 672-5302.  Of course, if you have interest in adopting an animal permanently too, please call.

We often work with Potter’s Angels Rescue whose mission is to rescue unwanted and misunderstood animals. To meet one of their foster animals, please contact them at (802) 779-5584 or

Founder and President of Potter’s Angels, Heather Bent, has graciously allowed us to share some of her insightful thoughts about fostering which are so worthwhile if you are considering opening your heart and home, even temporarily, to help save a life!

What if I become attached?

Getting attached to your foster pet is normal. After all, we do this because we love animals!!  The most common reason given for people choosing not to foster is that they would get too attached and letting go of them would be too hard.

It is hard to say goodbye to a pet that we have loved and taken care of, but the alternative is even sadder.  Animals face a fate every day that they have no control over, which is, their last day to live because there is no more room in the shelter. When you look at it this way it seems kind of petty not to save an animal’s life because you are worried about getting your feelings hurt for they have much more laying on the line of your decision. The first three dogs that I fostered I cried like a baby when they went on to their forever home, but they got to live and let me tell you those tears were well worth their lives- now I receive updates and am so thrilled for them and very proud of what I did for them. And trust me it does get easier as you go along.

And remember, as an adopter you can save one animal’s life, but as a foster you can save dozens.

However, if you do decide you can’t give up an animal, that’s ok too.

Foster parents can go through the adoption process and pay the adoption fee just like any other adopter, nonetheless, we require that you let us know that you are considering adoption as soon as possible and have made a commitment within the first two weeks to prevent us from disappointing potential adopters.

The important thing for you to consider is what is in the animal’s best interest.

Sometimes, even if we love them, the best thing for the animal is to let them go…

If you have any questions about the process, available fosters, or anything else, please give us a call at (802) 672-5302.