Search and Rescue for Animals

Search and Rescue for Animals

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Lisa Robinson of Albany, Vermont, does Sbenthurberdec09crearch and Rescue for animals, with the help of her rescue dogs. Her business is aptly called, “The Nose Knows.”

There are a lot of missing dogs and cats in Vermont, NH, and Massachusetts, and Lisa’s dogs are a wonderful help in finding these missing animals.

In the first picture, her bloodhound, Thurber, sits with his new friend, Ben the Aussie, the day after the smaller dog was found.

Lisa’s new bloodhound, Redford, shown in the second photo, is also very good at tracking missing animals and helping to bring them safely home again.

If you have a beloved animal that is missing, and need the help of Lisa and her dogs, she can be contacted at, by phone: 802-755-6331 or by email:

Please see the recent article in the Northeast Kingdom’s Chronicle Newspaper at: Bloodhound and owner help find lost pets